What do I miss most?


Cheese and chocolate!!! 



Dorina and her teddies..

My friend Dorina,from The Grove Methodist Church,Horsforth,Leeds,asked her friends to help knit  a teddy for the children I do life with.

They do not tend to have soft toys so some are a little bemused at first but as I go round my village I see how well loved that are…. 



Village kids…

I love when we open the compound gates and about 170 village kids pour in for an afternoon of activities.

Most of these children don’t go to school as they don’t have the school fees so we provide sports and team games ( Woodhouse Grove School provided the parachute and sports gear),painting and craft,reading books and jigsaws,fun literacy and numeracy activities,music and dance.Bubbles,balloons and LOTS of hugs ,high-fives and cuddles.  
  These young girls( between 6-8 yrs) are responsible for the care of their younger siblings…

We take the babies for them,to give them chance to simply enjoy being children….love my life😍